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Credit 1500 USD: Small credit at the best rate

Do you need a 1500 USD loan? Do not rush because the rates can be very different from one lender to another. We have analyzed the different possibilities of obtaining a loan of 1500 USD at the best rate. Credit 1500 USD: where to find this cheap little credit? A 1500 USD credit rather falls […]

Debt consolidation for bad payers, how does it work?

Debt consolidation for bad payers is not easy to obtain, the main problem is that bad payers appear on the Crif list, the IT system that catalogs debtors, where banks and financial companies can learn credit history and a subject requesting a loan. At source of this, credit institutions can refuse to accept a loan […]

Fee Adjustment and Risk Update

Good Bank will make two changes to the marketplace in early June 2010. On the one hand we adjust the fee structure and on the other hand we update the risk data. 1. Adjustment of the fee structure At the beginning of June 2010, we will adjust the fee structure in the marketplace. This means […]

To issue micro-loans to collectors will be banned

The Finance Committee in the State Duma approved the amendment submitted by the government, which prohibits collection organizations from issuing microloans. Interaction of collectors and credit institutions After that, the committee invited the State Duma to carefully consider the draft law, which describes in detail the interaction of collectors and credit institutions with borrowers in […]

Compare loans and save – our tips

If you want to compare loans to fulfill a personal desire, to finance a television or to overcome a financial shortage, you are in the best of company. Today, almost every German citizen regularly needs credit. Loans are taken up for a wide range of purposes. For example, a loan is used to finance real […]

How do I apply for Bank?

In our last contribution to the theme Bauchindergeld 2018, some basic questions about the construction costs could already be clarified. Due to recent events, we want to pick up on this topic today. Since 18.09.2018 , applications can be submitted to the Bank. In our contribution today, we therefore dedicate ourselves to the question: How […]

Make money easy and fast is it possible?

Earning easy and quick money brings together two ideas that rarely go hand in hand. When certain income is easy to get, normally you have to wait a long period to be able to collect them. And those that can be received in a short time, require difficult conditions to meet or even high doses […]