To issue micro-loans to collectors will be banned

  • May 22, 2019

The Finance Committee in the State Duma approved the amendment submitted by the government, which prohibits collection organizations from issuing microloans.

Interaction of collectors and credit institutions


After that, the committee invited the State Duma to carefully consider the draft law, which describes in detail the interaction of collectors and credit institutions with borrowers in case of arrears.

The Ministry of Economic Development

The Ministry of Economic Development

The Ministry of Economic Development believes that special structures should deal with the collection of debts from the population, whose activities, in turn, should be regulated at the legislative level.

At the moment, a register is being created of organizations that are entitled to work with debtors to determine whether they have any debts on a loan or a loan.

According to the creators of the registry, kollektroskie agencies will more closely monitor the actions of their employees at the time of communication with the debtors because of the risk of drop out of this registry.

Borrower has the right to stop

Borrower has the right to stop

Also, in the next reading, amendments will be considered denoting a period of four months from the moment of arising of delay, after which, the borrower has the right to stop the interaction with the recoverer.

However, the party demanding the return of the debt may challenge this term in court, and in the case of a positive court decision, extend the term by two months.

However, in case of refusal to communicate with the collector or the debt collection department, the borrower should remember that the case is transferred to the bailiffs and in this case the amount of debt is automatically increased by 7%.

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